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Satyra Singh

About Posted on Jan 16, 2011 00:16:50

RL-Tette Merio = SL-Satyra Singh First …. Satyra is almost exactly the same person as I, Tette Merio, am in RL! Except for the fact that Satyra likes high heels (RL me only wear Dr Martens ;-)) and to dance, hehe.

SL Name:
Satyra Singh. Satyra is a name I often use at Internet and Singh – well – as in “loves to sing”.

RL Name:
Tette Merio. Tette is a shortname for Annette and Merio shows I m from Finland.

SL Age:
Born April 23 2007 and I don´t care if the sign should be something else then – Satyra is a scorpio as me anyway, that´s it! 😉

RL Age:
Born October 26 1964, in Helsinki, Finland. (I live in Sweden though, since the age of 7.)

Why SL?:
Well, I sat by the computer one night – working on a website – and in the background I heard a TV-program about a swedish women that did liveshows in SL, streaming from her RL-home, and thought that I could do the same thing. 🙂 The women on TV was Natalie Moody – now a wellknown musician in SL. She helped me a lot at the beginning with tecnichal things about streaming music to SL. 🙂

SL Profession:
Owner and creator of StageBar LivemusicClub, owner and creator of MadeForYou-fashion for female&male, Livesinger/musician.

RL Profession:
Hairdresser, webdesigner, singer/songwriter/musician.

Swedish, fairly bad english and finnish, some signlanguage, html, musicnotes/chords and of course, the bodylanguage! 😉

More about Satyra Singh you can find here! More about Tette Merio here and here!

About MadeForYou

About Posted on Jan 16, 2011 00:04:38

About MadeForYou

First -> All my creations are able to transfer and modify, but not able to copy.

MadeForYou started with it´s first shop in the spring/summer -2007.
The mainshop has from the start been located at Ichoen, but it´s been growing bigger and bigger by time.

The mainreason to the designdesire was that my avatar Satyra Singh was to fat for most fashionthings in SL. And that the clothing not suited my taste. Did not want to walk around in short stomicshowing shirts as a middleaged women. 😉

Anyway – by time I also started doing male/unisex stuff/clothes. And today I create about everything in fashion for avatars, except poses.

My goal has also always been to have HIGH detaild quality, but still low prices on my products, since I want everyone to be able to afford my design! In other words – don´t let the low prices fool you to think the quality is cheap!!!! 😉

Everything I create is original work – textures/designs/ALL!!

I already been in a DMCA copyrightprocess once, for having one of my own design/textures stolen (of course I won, by the way!) and I really hope I don´t have to see my designs/textures be stolen again.

I just recently created a update-group for MadeForYou. It´s s free to join – In world – just go Search > Groups and print in “MADEFORYOU~UnisexFashion” – click the Joinbutton. Or click on the groupsign at the shop.

Keywords: Clothes, shirt, pants, latex, vest, underwear, socks, tunic, leather, jacket, coat, linne, top, tights, blus, shoes, boots, converse, sculpted, corset, tattoos, jewelery, belt, hat, highhat, bandanas, hair, flexihair, female, male, giftboxes, design, fashion, unisex, piercing, etc.