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Free skins!

Free Gifts Posted on Feb 09, 2011 22:06:36

I v moved the gift/freebee-area and offer more gifts then ever. Some of the new gifts are this->

Free Female/Maleskins. Includes also shapes, personal lightning and a smileanimation.

Sculpted Bag

Free Gifts Posted on Jan 16, 2011 00:25:18

This bag you can get for free at MadeForYou-mainshop – by the enter.


Free Gifts Posted on Jan 15, 2011 17:15:40


You can find some free stuff at both MadeForYou and the enter from the outside to StageBar.

By the MadeForYou-mainshop-enter you can find this two Male/Female-newbee-giftboxes. Iv filled them with both ownmade stuff and good freestuff Iv found in SL when I was a newbee myself. đŸ˜‰

By the enter you can also find this Unisex-giftbox filled with some of my creations.

FREE Unisex Mohichan-flexihair you can find upstairs at MadeForYou-mainshop.

And by the enter of StageBar you can for ex. find this Satyra Singh fanshirts. There is more freeboxes there.

If you like you can be a MadeForYou-reseller. By the enter of the mainshop you will find this sign on a box – just click on it and you are on your way. đŸ™‚ All you need to start is in the box.