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Support Posted on Jan 16, 2011 15:28:29

If you need to get in contact with me – send me a NC (notecard) to insure I will recive your message, since IM:s often get lost!!

If it´s important and I, for some reason, not go online quickly enough for you, you can try to send me a regular RL-mail instead. There is a link to my mail at the upper right corner in this blog.

I don’t normally take custom orders, but I v done it before anyway, so you can always ask. Do not get to disappointed if I say no though. 😉

However, if you need help with editing the items you bought from me/MadeForYou – I ll be happy to assist you as much/quickly as I can.

If you rather have my items able to copy, instead of transfer, I can change the terms for you. Contact me in that case BEFORE you buy the item, thanks.

/Satyra Singh-Tette Merio.


Support Posted on Jan 16, 2011 00:08:31

It happens that you don´t recive what you buy in SL. That is not the sellers fault, its an SL-issue.

It is not an obligation of the seller to replace failed deliveries, but of course I will do my best to help you anyway. 😉

If you do not deliver what you bought from MadeForYou, first, do following steps –

* Search for the item by name in your inventory!
* Clear cache (in topmeny – Edit > Preferences > Network > Clear Cache-botton!) and then relog!

If the item is still not to be found in your inventory – go to SL-webpage, log in to your account, and under Transactions History, copy the transaction that failed.
ex. on what info I need to have from the history:

Transaction Number: 1656919897
Date: 05/31/2009 00:48:34
Description: Latexjacket-long-unisex/MadeForYou
Region: Ichoen
Source: Satyra Singh
Debit: L$449
Paste the info into a notecard and send it to me, and I will deliver your missing item as soon as I can.

/Satyra Singh – MadeForYou.